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An effective and natural way of dealing with damaged skin is through hemp seed oil, which has essential nutrients that impact the natural balance of chemicals in the body.

Over time the body's capability to sustain natural levels of oil production weakens, which has a damaging impact on the skin's firmness and inner glow. Each year after the age of 20, the collagen production steadily decreases by 1%: this results in the gradual loss of density, quality, and firmness of the skin.

Due to the loss of collagen, the skin becomes susceptible to looking crinkly and loose. The skin damage is further accelerated by the sun that severely impacts the rate of collagen production.

Frequent symptoms of aging include dark spots wrinkles, dryness, fragile skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and sunspots.
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Our entire skin care line is infused with life-changing hemp seed oil, allowing for every product to benefit your skin and body
Omega-6s and omega-3s are essential fatty acids. They are not produced by the human body naturally and must be found elsewhere. Getting omega-6s and omega-3s from outside sources is key to maintaining healthy skin function.
As we age, our skin loses its ability to absorb and retain moisture as required. Hemp seed oil can provide and retain hydration and moisture to ensure that your skin stays healthy and wrinkle free.
Hemp seed oil for skin can do two things simultaneously: moisturise your skin and balance the oiliness without clogging of pores. Hemp seed oil comedogenic rating is ZERO, meaning it does not clog pores at all, making it a great moisturiser for both oily and acne prone skin types.
The perfect combination of powerful Omega-3, Omega-6 and Vitamin E helps reverse the effects of the various parameters on the skin as well as visibly reduce wrinkles, skin dullness and dryness. It can also repair skin texture with regular usage, leaving your skin looking energized and rejuvenated.
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