Reakiro is a Leading European Manufacturer of Hemp-derived Products
Reakiro's Goddess Sativa has released a brand new line dedicated purely to hemp skin care products.
Reakiro are experts in all thing's hemp and there's no-one better to kick-start your natural skin care revolution!
Hemp seed oil is an essential and natural skin care ingredient, and this is why Reakiro's Goddess Sativa has released a brand new line dedicated purely to hemp seed oil products.
Your skin is unique. As well as our new skincare line.
Developed by leading EU formulators, the new range of Goddess Sativa skin care is made of combination of high-quality natural hemp seed oil and innovative ingredients.
Nourish, restore and balance your skin gently delivered to you from selected European Cannabis Sativa fields.
Believe it or not but healthy skin - is healthy you. So delight your skin daily with natural skincare and feel yourself a Goddess. Because Goddess Sativa organically interacts with your skin without any tricks or miracles.
Goddess Sativa's hemp seed oil range comprises three completely new products: the hydrating facial cream, a nourishing body solution, and muscle relief gel.
Each product has been specially formulated with hemp seed oil to enhance its natural benefits for the skin and body.
Live naturally, believe in yourself and enjoy your own uniqueness.

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